2018 AFNR Extension Symposium

October 3-4 2018

Heritage Hotel , Pasay City

Theme: "Strengthening the Harmonization of the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services for Sustainable Development"


Background and Rationale Extension in the Philippines is undergoing a phenomenal expansion from its traditional application in the field of agriculture and fisheries. Recently, there is an increasing recognition of its application in the fields of environment, health, education, business and tourism, among others, traversing themes and different client systems. The academic community, particularly the higher education institutes (HEIs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs), has situated extension among its three major pillars with instruction and research.

This expansion has dramatically involved additional actors in the government and in the private sector, making the Philippine extension service (PES) more complex than ever. While there arise different understanding of extension due to its different applications - and most often used with advisory services, there is also an emergence of a variety of extension approaches and methods developed to fit the expanding application. With this phenomenon, it is but appropriate for extension professionals and practitioners to bring the matter in a professional discourse, with the goal of scaling up their understanding and appreciation of extension in different fields as well as in influencing several actors towards harmonization of diverse extension services.

Consistently for this year’s symposium of PhilEASNet, the Philippines' country forum for extension, the following specific points will be considered: 1) the implication of the expanding application of extension in the increased understanding about its theory and practice; and 2) the coming up of a national extension policy that governs the expanding extension system, keeping it rather more harmonised and not losing its strategic focus in a highly fragmented extension system of the country. The key is to build a strategic alliance among diverse PES actors that is centered on achieving the goals of agriculture and rural development.


The symposium generally is designed to update and engage the extension and advisory services (EAS) professionals and practitioners in the discourse of the current issues and initiatives affecting their theory and practice in the country. Specifically, the symposium aims to:

  1.  Increase awareness and understanding of participants about the expandingPhilippine EAS;
  2.  Present the initiatives and approaches of different actors in the provision of EAS to specific client systems;
  3.  Explore strategic alliances among EAS providers; and
  4.  Come up with policy recommendations to strengthen the harmonization initiatives of diverse EAS providers in the Philippines.