2015 AFNR Extension Symposium

September 30 to October 1, 2015
Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Makati City

THEME:  “Innovative Extension Schemes for Entrepreneurship and Community Transformation under an ASEAN Economic Community”

The inevitable entry of the Philippines into the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in this second and a half decade of the 21st Century has intensified the call for all sectors of society – including the agriculture, fisheries, forestry and natural (AFNR) sectors – to be more competitive and collaborative. While there are perceived threats for the collapse of some industries, there are nonetheless enumerable opportunities for growth. The key is to harness the potentials of communities toward entrepreneurship.

The role of extension is very crucial as it is meant to advance knowledge that can lead to improved performance of the AFNR sectors. When focused on the development of entrepreneurial skills of people, there is great optimism for success of desired community transformation. Ultimately and collectively, stronger communities will mean a stronger national economy.
In light of present development of events, extension must be innovative and in one spirit –that is to transform communities into highly competitive sectors through development of their entrepreneurial capabilities. This oneness, however, can be achieved when all players in the national extension system for agriculture and fisheries (NESAF) are in synergy. It starts with building their own capability and this has to be done collectively as well.

It is therefore apt that this symposium was conducted to bring actors together and engage in the discourse of innovative extension and entrepreneurship in the context of AEC. It provided an avenue for extension professionals and practitioners to learn from each other through sharing of information and experiences about good extension practices that can be widely adopted depending on how fit these are to specific circumstances. This occasion also served as an opportunity to consult a policy paper relative to addressing issues confronting the Philippine extension service with long-term solutions.


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