October 8-11 2019

Bohol tropics Hotel, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

THEME : " Facing the Challenges of the 4IR through Extension and Advisory services"

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or FIRe) is characterized by the fusion of technologies in the physical, digital and biological worlds, making it fundamentally different from past revolutions that freed humans from animal power, made mass production possible, and gave people digital capabilities. Part of this revolution are artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, drones, 3D printing, 5G wireless network and nanotechnology. The World Economic Forum (WEF) describes these technologies as disrupting almost every industry or sector (WEF,2018) and that includes the agriculture, fishery, forestry and natural resources (AFFNR) sectors. While millions of jobs are expected to be wipes out, the 4IR also offers opportunities to produce cleaner and safer food in more efficient and precise ways that put less stress on the environment and give more
options to buy inputs,sell outputs, and enhance information access.These questions elicit

October 3-4 2018

Heritage Hotel , Pasay City

Theme: "Strengthening the Harmonization of the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services for Sustainable Development"


Background and Rationale Extension in the Philippines is undergoing a phenomenal expansion from its traditional application in the field of agriculture and fisheries. Recently, there is an increasing recognition of its application in the fields of environment, health, education, business and tourism, among others, traversing themes and different client systems. The academic community, particularly the higher education institutes (HEIs) and state universities and colleges (SUCs), has situated extension among its three major pillars with instruction and research.

October 3-4 2017

Crown Legacy Hotel, Kisad Road, Baguio City

THEME: "Strengthening the Philippine Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry and Natural Resources (AFNR) Extension for Rural Transformation"

The emerging trends in extension and advisory services to enhance rural transformation in a globalized era pose opportunities and challenges to the Philippine Extension System.  To keep abreast with the changing conditions in the agriculture, fishery, forestry and natural resources (AFFNR) sectors, the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services Network will hold the 2017 AFFNR Extension Symposium at the Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City on October 2-5, 2017.  The Symposium aims to generate a healthy and productive exchange of new ideas and best extension practices to strengthen the governance, extension modalities and competencies of extension professionals and practitioners.

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