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2021 Virtual AFFNR Extension Symposium Featured

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2021 Virtual AFFNR Extension Symposium and PhilEASNet General Assembly

October 14-15, 2021




After a year that passed since COVID-19 broke, extension and advisory services (EAS) continue to face challenges and realities that have worsened because of the pandemic. EAS actors need to be fully aware of these challenges and realities to come up with relevant EAS interventions that are geared towards collectively meeting the goals of inclusive and sustainable agriculture and food systems for food security and sovereignty. However, sheer relevance does not always guarantee the attainment of expected results. Most often, success is a result of effective governance. This is important, especially when dealing with the prevailing health and economic crisis and an uncertain future.

In this light, the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services Network (PhilEASNet) puts forward the agenda of extension governance for this year’s agriculture, fisheries, forestry and natural resources (AFFNR) symposium. At present, there are two governance initiatives that are being carried out for EAS in the country.  These include 1) the professionalization of agriculture, and 2) the implementation of full devolution resulting from the Supreme Court’s Mandanas ruling.  The first initiative fits well with the thrust of PhilEASNet, which is to professionalize EAS. The second recalls the Network’s previous policy advocacies that are in support to structural reforms in the Philippine agriculture and fisheries extension system. Over the years, PhilEASNet has been advocating for policies that aim to strengthen EAS, particularly at the local level.

In this symposium, extension professionals and practitioners from the government, academe and private sector will be acquainted with the present EAS governance initiatives and their implications, and to prepare them for the unintended consequences. As the EAS country forum, PhilEASNet will engage them in this development discourse and bring together their collective voice to firm up these governance initiatives.




The symposium generally aims to update and engage the EAS professionals and practitioners in the discourse of the current governance initiatives towards strengthening EAS. Specifically, at the end of this symposium, the participants will be able to:

  1. Explore issues related to the implementation of the Supreme Court’s Mandanas-Garcia ruling;
  2. Support activities towards professionalizing and incentivizing agricultural extension in the country;
  3. Share experiences, studies, and initiatives related to the provision of EAS during the pandemic; and
  4. Recommend improvements in the governance of the Philippine agriculture and fisheries extension system for the new future.




Keynote Speech


DA Secretary William D. Dar shall deliver this speech during the Opening Program.  He will articulate the substance of the Theme, which will precondition the minds of the participants to the succeeding plenary sessions.


Plenary Sessions


Plenary Session 1:

Devolution of Agricultural Extension: Key to a Strong EAS at the Local Level. This session aims to discuss the concept of devolution and the struggles of the Philippines to attain its full and real implementation.


  • Expert's Input. An expert with wide international and local exposure and involvement in studies about the devolution will discuss it in the Philippine context highlighting its history and governance issues (e.g. structure and finance). He/She can provide recommendations on how to improve the local governance of EAS.
  • Panel Discussions. Invited panelists will react to the paper presented by the expert at the same time discuss the present related EAS governance initiatives. One panelist from the Department of Agriculture will talk about the Mandanas Supreme Court Ruling and its implications to EAS governance. Another panelist, preferably provincial agriculturists, will share their province’s experiences in the piloting of the Province-Led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension System (PAFES).
  • Open forum. The audience will be given an opportunity to ask questions related to the presentations and discussions.


Plenary Session 2:

Professionalization of Extension Practice: Preparing Competent EAS Workforce. This session discusses the current initiatives to professionalize the extension of the country.



  • Expert's Input. An expert who has been involved in studies on EAS professionalization will discuss the above topic.
  • Panel Discussions. Two invited panelists will react to the paper presented by the expert and share current related governance initiatives: 1) the Philippine Qualifications Framework in Agriculture and Career Progression Program of PRC, and 2) an update on the Magna Carta for Agricultural Extension Workers.
  • Open forum. The audience will be given an opportunity to ask questions related to the presentations and discussions.


Concurrent Parallel Sessions


Scientific papers will be presented by competing participants along with the following Sub-themes:


Parallel Session 1.   Extension delivery during the new normal                                       

Parallel Session 2.   Extension competencies for the new future                                       

Parallel Session 3.   Extension policies and implications to extension practice

Awards will be given to the best papers from each parallel session. In addition, there will also be awards to be given to Outstanding Extension Paper, Outstanding Extension Project, and Outstanding Extensionist.


            Deadline for Submission of Abstracts:    September 15, 2021

          Deadline  for Submission of Qualified Full Papers and Nominations for Awards:         September 30, 2021




This Symposium shall generate the following outputs:


  • Well-informed participants about the governance initiatives on EAS in the country;
  • Scientific papers shared among participants; and
  • Resolution/Position Paper containing support as well as recommendations to improve the present governance initiatives to advance EAS.


Proceedings will be produced, which will serve as a reference for extension professionals and practitioners.


Under the auspices of the Philippine Association of Agriculturists (PAA), this symposium will have corresponding CPD points for licensed agriculturists who will be attending.


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