PhilEASNet is a national organization of extension professionals and practitioners who serve as partner advocate in creating avenues for continuing development of a cadre of morally responsible, competent, dedicated and self-directed experts in pursuit of advancing the theory and practice of extension.

It is a country forum serving as a platform for the professionalization of rural advisory services in the Philippines. The organization is registered by SEC as non-stock and non-profit association on May 5,2014 and has its roots from the Philippine Extension Network (PEN) founded in 2001.

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I.Introduction and Rationale

1.The Board of Directors of the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services Network Inc. (PhilEASNet) recognizes the fact that as the Network grows and becomes more dynamic, it is inevitable that active members in certain geographic locations who wish to create greater impact want some degree of autonomy to develop and implement activities in their areas that are consistent with the thrusts of the Network.  
2.The Board supports this initiative and even encourage members to organize themselves into Regional Chapters not only to carry out the thrusts of the Network in all regions of the country but also to broaden its membership.
3.These guidelines are being issued to guide active members of PhilEASNet throughout the country who would like to organize themselves into Regional Chapters. This document also includes governance provisions stipulating how Regional Chapters shall operate and be administered.

II.General Guidelines in Organizing Regional Chapters

1.There shall only be one recognized chapter for each region. The Board adopts the definition of a “Region” as referring to the administrative division that serves primarily to organize the provinces of the country for administrative convenience (e.g. Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, CAR, Central Luzon, CALABARZON, MIMAROPA, Bicol, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, Davao Provinces, Central Mindanao, Western Mindanao, Caraga, SOCSARGEN and ARMM)
2.The creation of Regional Chapters shall be consistent with the overall objectives of PhilEASNet as embodied in its By-laws.  
3.Regional chapters shall be organized by a group of at least 20 active members of PhilEASNet in the region.

III.Procedures in Organizing Regional Chapters

1.A written application to organize a regional chapter shall be submitted to the National PhilEASNet Office for recognition and approval by the National PhilEASNet Board of Directors. The application should include, among others, information on the list of active PhilEASNet members with their personal information as contained in the filled-out PhilEASNet membership form.
2.Once the application to organize has been approved, the chapter organization shall be on “probation status” for at most 6 months.  During this period:
a.The chapter will have to formally organize, elect their officers, and induct their members.  The presence of a member of the National Board of Directors or any representative designated by the Board is necessary.
b.No other application from that region shall be entertained. If however, the applicant chapter fails to meet the minimum requirements for organizing their chapter within the prescribed period, their permit to organize shall be revoked and other applications from that region or chapter shall be entertained.  
3.The Regional Chapter shall be named officially by the region where it is organized.  
4.The Regional Chapter shall submit to the National PhilEASNet Office a list of their duly elected officers and members, including copies of the Membership Form, and membership fees.
5.Upon submission and review by the PhilEASNet Board of the required documents, a letter officially recognizing the regional chapter shall be sent by the PhilEASNet President or by the Executive Director.

IV.Chapter Governance

1.Each chapter shall be autonomous in managing its own affairs.  Members can develop their own policies, rules and regulations as long as they are consistent with the PhilEASNet By-laws and the rules, regulations and policies promulgated by the National Board.
2.Each Regional Chapter shall have its own set of officers elected by the chapter members through secret balloting.  At the minimum, the different chapters shall elect the following set of Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.  The officers will serve for two (2) years without prejudice to reelection.
3.Each Regional Chapter can create committees that can assist in carrying out the functions and activities of the chapter.
4.Each Regional Chapter shall submit and render their annual reports during the yearly annual meetings.  The reports should include the following:
a.Updated list of active members (active members are those that have fully paid their annual dues);
b.List of new members and their profile;
c.Written report of the regional chapter’s activities; and
d.Proposed yearly activities.
5.The Regional Chapters shall form themselves into Island Group Clusters, specifically for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  The Regional Chapters within each Island Group shall choose among themselves their representatives to the National Board of Directors.  The representation to the National Board of Directors of the Island Group Clusters shall be rotated among the different regions every two (2) years.
6.Each Regional Chapter shall take turns in hosting the annual national congress and/or summit whenever it is held within their Island Group Cluster.

V.Dues, Fees and Incomes
1.The regular membership fee of Php 300.00 (or PhP2,000 for qualified lifelong members) shall be remitted in full to the National Office. This shall be placed in a trust fund.
2.The annual dues of Php 200.00 shall be collected by the regional chapter from their members.  The total amount of annual dues collected shall be equally shared by the Regional Chapter and the National Office and shall be used in the regular operations.  However, the National Office shall collect the annual dues of PhilEASNet members who are not members of any Regional Chapter.
3.Any income derived from the joint activities of each Regional Chapter and the National Office shall be equally shared.  Such activities include, but not limited to, holding of the annual meetings/biennial symposiums.

Good Standing of Chapter
1.To retain its “Good Standing”, a chapter should be able to retain an active membership of at least 20 PhilEASNet members.  
2.Chapters that fail to maintain the minimum number of members shall be placed on “probation”.  
3.Failure to improve the membership status shall mean a revocation of its “Good Standing” and chapter status.